Build A Thons

Everything in nature seems to have an intricate build and expression.  Many organizations know what it means to grow organically overtime and what course corrections are needed along the way.  This evolution of style and practice denotes an iterative approach to learning and evolving that is necessary for appreciating strengths and weakness.

Over the years Blockhive affiliates have conducted or participated in numerous hack-a-thons.  Thought to be just for developers, these events often missed an element of cognitive diversity that is needed to fashion solutions that – like an immune system – are resilient to multiple perspectives, interpretations, and practical application.

Much like how organizations grow, at Blockhive we believe that seeding exploratory works of collaboration with cross-functional competencies ensures that the DNA of the product is robust and optimized for integration into demanding enterprise environments.

We believe in building, not hacking together solutions – even though we identify with and love hackers!

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