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How Can BlockHive Help You?


Key Note Speaking

Parrots are for pet shops.  Keynotes are for impact.  Blockhive believes in the delivery of honest, thought-provoking content to audiences that crave thought leadership and informed perspective.

Training Session

Ever see someone at the gym training with a power point deck?  Why should you run your training session that way?  Blockhive believes in immersive learning experiences that promote subject matter  mastery.


Just like attention spans, technical business competency is in short supply.  Why spend another minute digesting pre-googled information?  Imagine a workshop where actual work gets done!  Blockhive believes in  maximizing executive time, attention and focus towards realistic objectives and goals.


Hack-a-thons are for hackers.  We think you are special just the way you are.  But, we have some hacker friends we would like to introduce you to.  Do a Build-a-thon with us and collaborate with a diverse team of professionals to build something meaningful that you can get executive sign-off on.

Advisory Services

Advice is free.  Trust is priceless.  Work with Blockhive to learn why our network of professionals exceed expectations and stand out as long-term cohorts.

Digital Strategy Ideation and Roadmapping

One given that we have in life is that change will happen.  How you deal with it and who you have in your corner dictates how successful you will be at harnessing it’s forces.  Blockhive’s deep professional network has weathered challenging business situations and over time has amassed a collection of tools and techniques to help you plot your own course through emerging trends.

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