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BlockHive, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2017 to address the growing demand for businesses and professionals to connect and explore the implications and applications of distributed ledger and blockchain protocol technologies.

We address this challenge by linking industry experts and vendors to the business community via professional networking events, community outreach, local meetups, informationals, news, blogs and other high-value + impactful delivery mechanisms.

November 2013 – Present

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Subject Matter Expertise

Blockchain Protocol Mining and Investing

– Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

– Monero, ZCash, Dash

– Synereo,NEM, Digicash

– STEEM, Bitshares

June 2015 – Present

Advisory services: FinTech, Blockchain Startup & ICO (all under NDA)

– Tencent Acquisition of Robo-advisory Engine

– Global Supply Chain Product

– Economic Engine for Community Re-investment Product

– Private Healthcare + Finance Integration Product

– Human Resource + Ideation Royalties Platform

– Mining Infrastructure Platform

– Investment Research & Recommendation Service

November 2016

Protiviti Disruption Event

– Assisted with organization and production of Blockchain panel and interactive Bitcoin

wallet demo.

– Panelist alongside Rumi Morales (CME Ventures), Jochen Renz (New Mobility Pioneer),

Dave Ripley (COO Kraken), Conrad Barski, MD (Ethereum Expert – Healthcare)

September 2016

Executive Roundtable (Chief Risk Auditors)

– Presented capabilities of blockchain / cryptocurrencies and their impact to existing

financial models and governance systems

May 2017

#Consensus2017 #Hackathon

– Participant + Finalist in multi-challenge developer event featuring Microsoft, Hyperledger,

Ethereum, IBM, and various business industries

– Created prototype of decentralized identity management concept with digital asset

marketplace solution – ReBox

May 2017

Chicago FinTank Panelist

– Discussed industry events

– AMA format for attending audience of Investors and enthusiasts

June 2017

Panelist @Chicago Palmer House Private Event: Payments & Blockchain

– Discussed industry trends in blockchain-based payments

– Explained regulatory impact to cryptocurrencies and game-theory effects

– Recommended opportunities for transformation and rebranding of business model

June 2017

CoinTelegraph Contributor

– Provided perspective on Blockchain User Interface as coming area of focus in the

community ( Linked Here )

– Coming Article on the disruptive impact of blockchain technology

September 2017

Chicago Blockchain Center Hackathon

– Providing leadership and networking skills to form a coalition of business partners and

community talent to host Chicago’s first Blockchain + Supply chain – focused event for


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Melvin Petties

Melvin Petties

Co-Founder, CEO

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