We are a “buzzing” network of technologists and realists that incessantly look for ways to cross-pollinate ideas. ¬†Our aim – to make blockchain and distributed ledger technology accessible to the enterprise and broader community.

Working closely with industry, government and community participants, we engage the ‘human element’ that is required to foster strong relationships – facilitating education and maximizing adoption of this truly game-changing technology.

We believe that this is a worthy effort. We believe that new operating models are being born that will take advantage of globally automated business processes working around the clock – 24/7 – to provide greater certainty and reach to our daily interactions and transactions.

We believe that the way we think about supply chain, quality assurance, commerce, investing, creativity, identity and regulation is evolving rapidly to embrace a ‘new economy‘ that unlocks ‘digital value‘ – allowing humanity to unleash its financial and collaborative creativity in a space of unfathomable potential.

Join us on this spectacular endeavor to create a new ‘business literacy‘ by sharing your ideas, questions, and knowledge.

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