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Our Mission


Produce thought-provoking articles that question the state of the technology and business
trends that drive demand and foster broader adoption


Bring the brightest minds from multiple disciplines together to apply ingenuity to worthy business
challenges and social causes.


Break down and disseminate timely information on blockchain technology and its implications
for society


Share knowledge and experiences that shape our understanding of solution patterns for
blockchain and digital ledger technology applications

The Price of Dignity

Dignity must be nurtured. All growing things need support and love. Let’s never forget that.

The Age of the Wealth Bomb: Political disruption through gaming and blockchain tech

We are all born gamblers — wired to win at the game of life. As such, gambling is the oldest human profession. If we take a step back and think about it, our daily routine can be thought of as a winning strategy — one that adapts over time to natural and...

Blockchain User Interface Will Deliver Experiential Value and Speed Up Mainstream Adoption

The industry needs a user interface Despite the important values offered by Blockchain technology, the concept behind its entire system is not yet appreciated by regular society. The general public still perceives the technology as an exclusive reserve for...

The Emergence of Digital Reality

Blockchain helps us connect Social media is an important tool to staying connected. Blockchain is taking social media to the next level, by changing the means of content distribution, revenue generation and data security. Melvin Petties, Blockchain...

Two Inside Perspectives on the Opening of the Chicago Blockchain Center

“What a Difference a Day Makes.” I attended my first ‘official’ Bitcoin meetup in January 2014.  Andreas Antonopoulos was the keynote speaker and he had been traveling all over the globe serving as an ambassador to Bitcoin – the protocol and revolutionary...

Bitcoin Development Similar to 1800s Gold Rush: Expert

Present day Bitcoin and altcoin development appear to be recounting a theory that played out in the early mining industry. As was the pattern during the actual gold rush of the 1800s, while some people took the risk and spent their time looking for gold,...

User Interface – The Missing Link to Mainstream Adoption of Blockchain

Any given technology can only be said to have achieved mainstream adoption when it becomes employable by the regular public without any specialized skill or expertise. The decentralized nature of the Blockchain is applauded for its openness and...

3 Years, 2 Days and 6000 Views on the Blockchain

It’s been a full week since I found my self in the hot seat of #consensus2017 #hackathon learning a brand new technology and challenging myself to create a viable proof of concept to demonstrate to a group of very smart and passionate blockchainers. Today,...

Who Are We

We are a “buzzing” network of technologists and realists that incessantly look for ways to cross-pollinate ideas. Our aim – to make blockchain and distributed ledger technology accessible to the enterprise and broader community.
Working closely with industry, government and community participants, we engage the ‘human element’ that is required to foster strong relationships – facilitating education and maximizing adoption of this truly game-changing technology.
We believe that this is a worthy effort. We believe that new operating models are being born that will take advantage of globally automated business processes working around the clock – 24/7 – to provide greater certainty and reach to our daily interactions and transactions.
We believe that the way we think about supply chain, quality assurance, commerce, investing, creativity, identity and regulation is evolving rapidly to embrace a ‘new economy‘ that unlocks ‘digital value‘ – allowing humanity to unleash its financial and collaborative creativity in a space of unfathomable potential.
Join us on this spectacular endeavor to create a new ‘business literacy‘ by sharing your ideas, questions, and knowledge.